100+ Inspiring Life Whatsapp Status in English

Life Whatsapp Status : After Alone Images & Friendship Status, Today We are Sharing Here a Large Collection of Life Whatsapp Status with You. In Everyone’s Life Ups & Downs Comes. In that Some people like to use Whatsapp Status to show their Feelings. Here We Have given a Unique Collection of Life Whatsapp Status

Life Whatsapp Status



Life Whatsapp Status


1) Life Is One Time Offer, Use It Will.


2) Life Is Never Easy For Those Who Dream.


3) You Change Your Life By Changing Your Heart.


4) There Is Always Something To Be Thankful For.


5) A Good Life Is A Collection Of Happy Moments. ( Life Whatsapp Status )


6) Sometimes The Things We Change End Up Changing Us.


7) Life Is Too Short To Waste On Hating Other People.


8) It Only Takes One Person To Change Your Life : You.


9) One Of The Greatest Diseases Is To Be Nobody To Anybody.


10) Life Without Is Like Broken Pencil, There Is No Point.


11) Life Is Made Of Ever So Many Partings Welded Together.


12) Life Is Like Photography. We Develop From The Negative.


13) Forget The Day’S Troubles Remember The Day’S Blessings.


14) What Ever You Decide To Do, Make Sure It Makes You Happy.


15) Forget What Hurt You But Never Forget What It Taught You.


16) A Well Written Life Is Almost As Rare As A Well Spent One.


17) The Truth Will Set You Free, But First It Will Piss You Off. ( Life Whatsapp Status )


18) Every New Day Gives New Things & There We Create New Memories.


19) Hakuna Matata. It Means No Worries For The Rest Of Your Days.


20) Life Is So Much Brighter When We Focus On What Truly Matters.


21) Life Is Really Simple, But We Insist On Making It Complicated.


22) Sometimes The Wrong Person Teach Us The Right Lessons In Life.


23) The Good Life Is One Inspired By Love And Guided By Knowledge.


24) Success Is The Sum Of Small Efforts, Repeated Day In & Day Out.


25) You Were Given This Life Because You’Re Strong Enough To Live It.


26) To Succeed In Life, You Need Two Things : Ignorance & Confidence.


27) Jealously Comes From Counting Others Blessing Instead Of Our Own.


28) We’Re Just Trying To Find Some Color In This Black & White World.


29) Find Someone Who Can Change Your Life Not Your Relationship Status.


30) If You Live A Happy Life, Tie It To A Goal, Not To People Or Things.


31) Life Is Not A Problem To Be Solved, But A Reality To Be Experienced.


32) Sometimes Life Hits You In The Head With A Brick. Don’T Lose Faith.


33) The Greatest Pleasure In Life Is Doing What People Say You Can’T Do. ( Life Status )


34) Now days People Know The Price Of Everything And The Value Of Nothing.


35) Life Is Like A Box Of Chocolates. You Never Know What You’Re Gonna Get.


36) Everything Will Be Okay In The End. If It’S Not Okay, It;S Not The End.


37) Nothing’S Permanent, You Just Have To Love It, While You Still Have It.


38) Sometimes It’S The Smallest Decisions That Can Change Your Life Forever.


39) Never Give Up. There Is No Such Thing As An Ending Just A New Beginning.


40) Its Not About Forcing Happiness. It’S About Not Letting The Sadness Win.


41) Life Is Like Riding A Bicycle. To Keep You Balance. You Must Keep Moving.


42) Spending Today, Complaining About Yesterday Won’T Make Tomorrow Any Better.


43) In Order For Your Life To Be Great, You Must First Learn To Appreciate It.


44) Use Your Smile To Change The World. Don’T Let The World Change Your Smile.


45) Beauty Is Being The Best Possible Version Of Yourself On The Inside And Out.


46) One Day Your Life Will Lash Before Your Eyes, Make Sure It’S Worth Watching.


47) Sometimes The Best Moments In Life Are The Ones You Don’T Tell Anyone About.


48) Our Greatest Glory Is Not In Never Falling, But In Rising Every Time We Fall.


49) Every Story Has An End But In Life Everything Ending Is Just A New Beginning. ( Life Quotes Saying )


50) Focus On Your Own Happiness. If You’Re Happy, Those Around You Will Be Happy.


51) No Point In Stressing Over Something You Can’T Change. Move On & Grow Stronger.


52) Sometimes You Will Never Know The Value Of A Moment Until It Becomes A Memory.


53) Sometimes Life Is A About Risking It All For A Dream No One Else Can See But You !


54) Trying To Forget Someone You Love Is Like Trying To Remember Someone You Never Meet.


55) Don’T Worry About Those Who Talk Behind Your Back, They’Re Behind Your For A Reason.


56) The Best Things In Life Are Unseen, That’s Why We Close Our Eyes When We Kiss & Dream. ( Status about Life )


57) Life Is Short, Time Is Fast. No Replay, No Rewind. So Enjoy Every Moment As It Comes.


58) Create Your Own Style….Let It Be Unique For Yourself & Yet Identifiable For Others.


59) Life Is Not Measured By Breaths We Take But By The Moments That Take Our Breath Away.


60) There Are Two Types Of Pain In This World. Pain That Hurts You. Pain That Changes You.


61) Don’T Wish You Life Was Good. Don’T Hope It Will Get Better. Get Up & Make It Amazing.


62) Stop Worrying About What You Have To Loose And Start Focusing On What You Have To Gain.


63) Enjoy The Litter Things In Life. For Someday You Will Realize They Were The Big Things.


64) Listen To The People When They Are Angry, Because That Is When The Real Truth Comes Out.


65) Don’T Be Afraid To Change. You May Lose Something Good But You May Gain Something Better.


66) Life Is Not About Waiting For The Storm To Pass, Its About Learning To Dance In The Rain.


67) Create A Life That Feels Good On The Inside, Not One That Just Looks Good On The Outside.


68) The Best Feeling Of Happiness Is When You’Re Happy Because YOu’Ve Made Somebody Else Happy.


69) The Best Things In Life Are Not Things, It’S The People Who Make You Feel Loved & Cared For.


70) Beautiful Things Happen In Your Life When You Distance Yourself From All The Negative Things.


71) Life Is Journey With Problems To Solve, Lessons To Learn But Most Of All, Experience To Enjoy.


72) The Secret Of Being Happy Is Accepting Where You Are In Life & Making The Most Out Of Everyday. ( Life Whatsapp Status )


73) When Life Given You A Hundred Reason To Cry, Show Life That You Have A Thousand Reason To Smile.


74) Life Is A Book. Everyday Is A New Page. Every Month Is A New Chapter. Every Year Is A New Series.


75) If You Place Your Heart In God’S Hands, He Will Place Your Heart In The Hands Of A Worthy Person.


76) The Secret Of Being Happy Is Accepting Where You Are In Life And Making The Most Most Of Everyday.


77) One Of The Happiest Moments Ever, Is When You Find The Courage To Let Go Of What Yu Can’T Change.


78) Courage Is What It Takes To Stand Up And Speak. Courage Is Also What It Takes To Sit Down & Listen. ( Life Status )


79) The Beauty Of Life Does Not Depend On How Happy You Are, But How Happy Others Can Be Because Of You.


80) No Matter How Good Or Bad Your Life Is, Wake Up Each Morning And Be Thankful That You Still Have One.


81) Be What You Are & Say What You Eel Because Those Who Mind Don’T Matter & Those Who Matter Don’T Mind.


82) The Best & Most Beautiful Things In The World Can Not Be Seen Not Touched….But Are Felt In The Heart.


83) Without Humor Life Is Boring. Without Love Life Is Hopeless. Without Friends Ike You, Life Is Impossible.


84) Life Is Very Complicated. Don’T Try To Find Answers Because When You Find Answers Life Changes The Questions.


85) Sometimes In Life We Make The Mistake Of Giving Certain People The Places Which They Never Deserve In Our Life.


86) The Truth Is You Don’T Know What Is Going To Happen Tomorrow. Life Is A Crazy Ride, And Nothing Is Guaranteed. ( Life Quotes )


87) In The End, People Will Judge You Anyway. Don’T Live Your Life Impressing Others. Live You Life Impressing Yourself.


88) Hard Times Are Sometimes Blessing In Disguise. We Do Have To Suffer But In The End It Makes Us Strong, Better & Wise.


89) I Really Believe Everyone Has A Talent, Ability Or Skill That He Can Mine To Support Himself And To Succeed In Life.


90) The Best Feeling Is When You Realize That You Are Perfectly Happy Without The People You Thought You Needed The Most.


91) Anyone Can Make You Happy By Doing Something Special. But Only Someone Special Can Make You Happy Without Doing Anything.


92) Every Single Person On The Planet Has A Story. Don’T Judge People Before You Truly Know Them. The Truth Might Surprise You.


93) The Best
Thing In Life Is Finding Someone Who Knows All Your Mistakes &
Weaknesses & Still Thinks You’Re Completely Amazing.


94) Life Has
Many Ways Of Testing A Person’S Will, Either By Having Nothing Happen At
Al Or By Having Everything Happen All At Once.


95) The
Hardest Moment In Life Isn’T When You”Re Sad And Tears Comes Out Of Your
Eyes, But It’S When You’Re Sad & You’Re Forces To Smile. ( Status for Life )


96) Every
Struggle In Your Life Has Shaped You Into The Person You Are Today. Be
Thankful For The Hard Times, They Can Only Make You Stronger.


97) A
Beautiful Life Doesn’T Just Happen, It Is My Built Daily By Prayer,
Humility, Sacrifice And Love. Ay That Beautiful Life Be Yours Always.


98) You Can’T
Always Get What You Want, But If You Keep Trying & Look Hard
Enough, You Could Just End Up With What You Wanted, Something


99) Enjoy
Every Single Moment. The Good, The Bad, The Beautiful, The Ugly, The
Inspiring, The Not So Glamorous Moments. And Thank God Through It All.


100) Life Is
The Most Difficult Exam. Many People Will Fail Because They Try To Copy
Others- Not Realising That Everyone Has A Different Question Papers.


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